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We help you navigate your transition forward.

Mediation & Consulting

With almost three decades of family law experience, I will help you reach a thoughtful and informed resolution, one that enables you to move forward in your transition out of your marriage or into a new marriage or cohabitation.  

As a mediator, I create a space where each of you can be heard and articulate what is important and what most concerns you.  I offer as an option co-mediation with a mental health professional or certified divorce financial planner or both.  I also offer space for both attorney-assisted mediation and settlement judging

As a consulting attorney, I support you in your mediation process with legal advice, coaching and creative problem solving. 

As a collaborative divorce attorney, I am part of a team that creates a safe space for you both to hear each other and resolve your matter constructively with your priorities guiding the way. 

And if you are reaching out for premarital, postmarital or cohabitation agreements, I will work collaboratively with your significant other’s counsel to help you both make decisions that are supportive and do not undermine your relationship.

I bring in my extensive experience resolving complex financial and custody issues and encourage outside the box creative solutions, when helpful.  I will be both a sounding board and a resource for education and ideas.

At this time, we are primarily offering services via Zoom