Wallacker Family Law | Mediation & Consulting

Getting Started

Given our current caseload, we have limited availability for initial consultations at this time.


If you are a prospective client, please complete and submit one of our Confidential Intake Forms below. 

Assuming there is no conflict of interest and Gretchen is available to meet with you, Jeffrey will reach out via email to schedule your initial consultation. If you are inquiring about our Mediation or Private Settlement Judge services, Jeffrey will respond to you and the other party involved in the matter in one email. If there is a conflict of interest, we unfortunately will not be able to assist with your matter. Jeffrey will notify you if that is the case. 

Note – Our practice focuses on Alternative Dispute Resolution processes. As such, we do not provide any services that may require court involvement.


Free 15-minute Consultation – During this free introductory consultation, you will be able to meet with Gretchen via Zoom for 15 minutes so you can get to know each other a little better and go over any process questions you may have.

Paid 1-hour Consultation – Whether you are reaching out to discuss a Divorce, Legal Separation, or Parentage Matter or a Premarital, Post-marital, or Cohabitation Agreement, you can use this paid Zoom consultation to discuss any process questions you have, Gretchen’s style/approach for your case type, and any substantive topics that are important to you. Our intent for this 1-hour consultation is to help you identify and prioritize your goals/concerns and to start creating a plan that will ultimately lead you to a global resolution. 

If you and Gretchen agree to work together after the initial consultation, Jeffrey will send you a retainer agreement to review and execute along with payment instructions to remit the requested retainer.